Meet and greet in the heat

A three-time NL MVP and two-time World Series Champion stood in front of the men and women’s golf teams. He played a completely different sport, but hearing a devotional and receiving autographed gear from one of the best professional baseball players on the planet, otherwise known as Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels, made for the basis of a one-of-a-kind spring break trip for the men and women’s golf teams.

The Thunder golf teams travelled to Scottsdale, Ariz. for their annual spring break trip this year. Because head coach Tom Cardle is in charge of both teams, many of the activities were the same for both groups. The teams attempted to regain any form lost over the cold Wheaton winter as they practiced for four days before playing in a small tournament against other local teams.

The men’s team also completed an “escape room” together in which they had to figure out how to exit a team through the use of provided clues. Like the men’s tennis team, conversating within the hot tub was a hit, too.
“Spring break is where we all bond as a team,” explained junior Robby Bowles. “We really get to know the freshmen the best during this time.”

The women’s team had many of the same experiences, as well as an opportunity to volunteer at the Stars Ministry at Christ Church of the Valley. Essentially, the ministry is akin to a special needs sports camp. Paired with the opportunity to eat every meal together, the women’s team used their experiences to bond and grow closer, as well.

“A few times it was a challenge to figure some things out with the coaches since this is their first year,” junior Madeline Bond said. “However, they have been making the transition really easy, so it really wasn’t too serious of a problem in the end.”

Both teams will seek to channel Pujols’ inner “clutch-gene” this spring as they vie for their share of the men and women’s CCIW championship.

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