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Women’s volleyball

Last Friday, the Thunder played against Loras College, losing three of the five sets in their fourth home game of the season. The Thunder started out their first match by trading points with Loras and breaking away when both teams were tied on the 12th point. The Thunder then scored eight points while Loras scored two points, bringing the score to 20-14. At this point, both teams managed to trade points, with the Thunder winning 25-18. In the second set, Loras came out fast and strong, scoring 12 points to the Thunder’s three. At that point, the Thunder settled in and began making up lost ground, but were unable to fully catch up with Loras, ending the set with an 18-25 loss. The Thunder responded by winning the third set 25-19 after getting ahead of Loras early in the set. In the fourth set, Loras came back by scoring the first six points, and finishing the set off with a streak of seven points in a row at the end to win 25-15. Loras won the final set with yet another streak at the end, pulling past the Thunder with a nine point streak to win the final set 15-9.

On Wednesday, the Thunder geared up to play Elmhurst. The Thunder won the match by winning all three sets. The Thunder found themselves in a dangerous position early in the first set, trailing behind 3-11 before closing the gap. As the Thunder found themselves behind 15-19, they began a six point streak, finding themselves in the lead for the first time since the very beginning of the match. The Thunder managed to hold that lead for the last four points of the match, winning narrowly 23-25. The second set saw both teams remaining neck and neck, with the Thunder winning narrowly with another 25-23 victory, with neither team managing to score more than four points in a row. The final set saw yet another close matchup, with the Thunder narrowly taking a lead in the beginning, only to have it tied back up by Elmhurst at 10-10. The Thunder managed to pull ahead again with a score of 17-12, only to see Elmhurst reel them back in at 21-21. They pulled in the lead again, but were unable to maintain the two-point lead to end the game at 25 points, finally pulling two points ahead at 28-26 to win the set and match. This victory brings the Thunder volleyball team to a season record of 6 wins and 12 losses.

Thunder volleyball wins two in a row

The Thunder found their stride over the past two matches. After beating Lake Forest on Tuesday, Sept. 9, winning three sets and losing only one, the Thunder went to Lisle to face Benedictine University on Thursday, Sept. 11.

The Thunder got off to an uncharacteristic start. While the beginning of the season saw the Thunder starting out strong and generally scoring less points in the later sets, the Thunder has recently been changing that trend. In the match against Benedictine, the Thunder lost the first set 16-25. While the Thunder kept pace with Benedictine at the beginning with a score tied at 7-7, Benedictine scored eight points in a row to break free of the Thunder. The Thunder rallied, scoring seven points of their own in a row, but at that point, Benedictine scored the final 10 points, which were only interrupted by two points from the Thunder.

The second set went much the same, with Benedictine and the Thunder keeping pace until the score reached 11-10, at which time Benedictine took off to score 14 points while the Thunder only scored three.

In the third set, both teams battled neck and neck, changing leads nine times, to watch as Benedictine edged toward victory with a score of 19-21. The Thunder, with the entire match at stake, pulled together to score the final six points consecutively, winning their first set of the night 25-21.

The fourth set saw the Thunder battling to stay in the game and Benedictine fighting to secure the win, resulting in a rather evenly played game, all the way to the 25 point mark. As the set was tied 25-25, however, Benedictine made a couple of mistakes that the Thunder was able to capitalize on, winning the set 27-25.

In the final 15 point set, the two teams played evenly once again, with nine instances of the score being tied, ending with a 12-12 tie. The finishing blows were delivered by sophomore outside hitter Shelby Knowles delivering a kill for the 13th point, freshman middle hitters Emily Potts and Brooke Haskins placing a successful block for the 14th point, and senior opposite Andy DeMoss finishing with an ace to secure the victory.

The Thunder are currently gearing up for the Elmhurst College Tournament which takes place today and Saturday, with two games each day.

Thunder volleyball beats Chapman, falls to Pomona-Pitzer

The Thunder Volleyball team traveled to Claremont, California to play in the 2014 Pacific Coast Classic over the previous Friday and Saturday.

The Thunder started the season with a loss against Cal-Lutheran, ranked seventh in the nation. The Thunder played hard in the first set, losing by a mere two points. They continued to fight for the next two sets, coming in at 18-25 and 15-25.

They followed the same pattern in the second game against the University of La Verne, once again losing the first set by only two points and scoring progressively fewer points in the remaining two sets.

On the last day of the tournament, the Thunder found victory against Chapman University, sweeping them with a 3-0 victory, this time winning 25-23 for the first set of the game. In the fourth and final game, the Thunder faced Pomona-Pitzer and fell 0-3 to end the tournament with a 1-3 record.

Junior outside hitter Shelby Knowles was named to the all-tournament team after her strong performance over the four games, coming in as the lead scorer for the Thunder in three of the four games.

The Thunder will play Wittenberg University today at 5:30 p.m. in St. Louis.