The Wheaton Record is the official student-run newspaper of Wheaton College in Illinois. Established in 1890, The Record publishes a print edition every week that is written, edited, photographed, designed and illustrated entirely by students.

The Record exists to serve the Wheaton College community, in Wheaton and beyond, through thoughtful journalism. By reporting stories for both a local and global audience, we hope to illuminate reality and connect Wheaton to the world at large. We believe that a healthy community depends on the free flow of accurate information and that Christ and his kingdom are served when we orient ourselves around what is true and reject what is false.

Senior Staff

Madison Cash, ’21

Co-Editor in Chief
Contact: maddie.cash@my.wheaton.edu

Eliana Chow, ’21

Co-Editor in Chief
Contact: eliana.chow@my.wheaton.edu

Charles Hermesmann, ’22

Managing Editor
Contact: charles.hermesmann@my.wheaton.edu

Katy Coley, ’22

Associate Editor
Contact: katy.coley@my.wheaton.edu

Annika Lee, ’21

Layout Editor
Contact: annika.lee@my.wheaton.edu

Administrative Staff

Anna Ganser, ’21

Business Manager
Contact: anna.ganser@my.wheaton.edu

Abigail Chen, ’21

Advertising Manager
Contact: abigail.chen@my.wheaton.edu

Priscilla Min, ’22

Circulation Manager
Contact: priscilla.min@my.wheaton.edu

Melissa Schill, ’22

Social Media and Marketing Manager
Contact: melissa.schill@my.wheaton.edu

Editorial Staff

Tennyson Bush, ’21

News Editor
Contact: tennyson.bush@my.wheaton.edu

Melissa Schill, ’22

News Reporter
Contact: melissa.schill@my.wheaton.edu

Carolina Lumetta, ’21

News Reporter
Contact: carolina.lumetta@my.wheaton.edu

Jacob Hosier, ’21

Features Editor
Contact: jacob.hosier@my.wheaton.edu

Monik Flores, ’22

Opinion Editor
Contact: monik.flores@my.wheaton.edu

Raven Cullo, ’22

Arts and Entertainment Editor
Contact: raven.cullo@my.wheaton.edu

Cassidy Thornburg, ’21

Sports Editor
Contact: cassidy.thornburg@my.wheaton.edu

Design Staff

Grace Kim, ’21

Photography Editor
Contact: grace.kim.21@my.wheaton.edu

Ali Kaju, ’22


Michelle de Oliveira, ’21


Hannah Pugh, ’21



Katherine Baylis, ’20

Conservatory Columnist

Daniel Thomas, ’21

Psychology Columnist

Abigail Aycock, ’22

Global News Columnist

Charles Hermesmann, ’22

Advice Columnist

Mercy Trouwborst, ’22

Advice Columnist

Ben Hanson, ’20

Advice Columnist

Copy Editors

Isaya Otsuka, ’20

Alec Doherty, ’20

Adriana Moore, ’21

Annalise Burnett, ’22

Fact Checking

Kellie Mitchell, ’22