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Posts published in December 2015

An open letter to leaders in the Evangelical community

On Friday, December 4, Liberty University’s Chancellor Falwell made public statements about protecting the campus against possible terrorist threats. In his remarks, he called for students to arm themselves so that they could “end those Muslims before they walked in and killed them,” exhorting the students to “teach them a lesson if they ever show up here.” While these sorts of remarks epitomize the ever-growing fear and hostility directed toward Muslims, we as Evangelical Christians hold that Christ calls us not to react with religious oppression or violence—instead, we have the responsibility to live out fearless love in order to pursue unity. We, therefore, reject the ideology espoused by Chancellor Falwell in his recent remarks to the Liberty student body, and we invite you to stand in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters who share our human dignity.

Thunder basketball

The Thunder women’s basketball team is focused and united this season. Sporting a rare combination of upperclassmen and young talent, the Thunder are poised for a big season this year. Before each game, the Thunder fuel the competitive fire beneath their white headbands during the “team time” ritual. After the…